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Competition Team vs. Little Ripples (Developmental Program)

8U Competition Team

This program is intended to develop and refine stroke technique in all four competitive strokes. Participants will have the opportunity to get conditioning through lap swimming on a daily basis. Starts and turns used in each of the competitive strokes will be introduced in the process. Participating swimmers must have an understanding of freestyle and backstroke. A basic understanding of the breaststroke is appreciated, but not at all required. Participants are considered to be part of the Riss Lake Riptides Swim Team and will compete at meets.

Little Ripples Pre-Competitive Program

This program is designed to develop a deeper appreciation of the sport while developing stroke work and general water skills. In order to be accepted into the program, individuals must be comfortable jumping in and climbing out of the water unassisted. They must also be able to tread water and make forward progress for one width of the pool without any aides. This program is not basic swim lessons. Our goal is to prepare swimmers to join the Riptides competitive team within one to two seasons.

When a child completes all levels of our Little Ripple program, they will have developed a strong understanding of the competitive strokes including freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. Participants are not considered to be part of the Riss Lake Riptides Swim Team and will not be able to compete at any meet regardless of the speed in which they move through the program. 

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